Excuses can appear unbelievably strong and valid now and again, to the point where we wind up trusting they're absolute truth. But, excuses can not only make us miss out on some opportunities, they really have the mightiness to demolish our lives if we let them. When we continually talk ourselves out of executing matters we wish to do, we produce a mighty downwardly spiral of diminishing opportunities, dwindling abundance, and decreasing self-regard. 

Finally we wind up being a hollow shell of the person we may have been. Don‘t let your excuses ruin your life! Excuses are for weak-willed persons who have no want or willingness to grow and develop themselves. They've talked themselves out of making the lives they sincerely want, and they won't budge from where they are today unless a life crisis pushes them to. Is this you? Or would you rather be somebody who pokes fun at limits and faces their fears head on?

 I once heard somebody on radio state that knowledge equals information times experience, which made me recognize I wasn't portioning out my knowledge with other people, but merely portioning out information to them.......investing  in knowledge pays the best dividend......oooossh i'm taking a rest, to be continued!

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